Report – Next Generation Program 2018

The next generation program 01 (February 27th to March 4th, 2018) was conducted in order to unite young theatre artists from all over the world for an open exchange of ideas and perspectives. Another motive was to strengthen the theatre community at a global level by providing a platform for it’s encouragement. It was organized by Assitej Pakistan in collaboration with The Little Art, Chota Mota Theatre, Mass Foundation and Independent Theatre Pakistan.

Young and emerging performing artists from 11 different countries, with 10 theatre makers from Pakistan, collaborated in the cross-cultural workshop. The residency was held at Youth Hostel Pakistan and the Performance showcase was held on March 4th at Peeru’s Café, both in collaboration with Raafipeer Theatre Workshop.

Most of the participants arrived in Lahore by the 26th of febuarary. They were received by the host team and escorted to Youth Hostel Pakistan. During the introduction round, all participants introduced themselves and the status of theatre for the young in their respective countries. Every day began with breakfast followed by warm-up or ice-breaking sessions. After which general discussions regarding theatre and it’s techniques were conducted. Until noon, every day, participants would work on their final performance for the showcase.

During the residency, the programme planned several trips for the participants to the eminent monuments of Lahore. These included a trip to the Wahga Border via the sight seeing bus and another trip to the walled city of Lahore followed by dinner at food street, Lahore. The participants were also invited to the official dinner hosted by Assitej, Pakistan at it’s office. They also had the chance to visit the Harsukh Institute and they spent their final day of the residency at the Rafi Peer theatre.

The performance showcase was held in the Rafipeer theatre. There was a puppet show followed by performances from Group 1 and Group 2 of the Next Generation Programme. Group one’s story was based on a group of children and the eminence of their hopes and aspirations. While the central idea of the act by group 2 was to show how one person out of a group of people decides to break off from their mechanical chain and do something different.

Being the first cross-cultural workshop and residency for theatre artists held by Assitej,  it had to offer a lot of learning and new experiences. The participants were highly overwhelmed by the entire experience and had lots of positive remarks to make. The project, despite any hurdles faced was a huge success. There was an open exchange of ideas and reviews, that added to everyone’s knowledge and exposure.

The management team included Aamir Nawaz, Umair Mushtaq, Azeem Hamid, Mobeen Ejaz and Ms Bina Jawwad.

Glimpse of Next Generation Program 2018

Posted by ASSITEJ Pakistan on Monday, June 4, 2018
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