Report – 2nd NG Program 2019

2nd Next Generation Program (8th April to 14th April, 2019) was designed and conducted to support artistic and cultural networking, exchange and collaboration between artists within not only ASSITEJ network but open for all those who are working in the field of Theatre for young audience. It was organized by ASSITEJ Pakistan in collaboration with Maas Foundation, The Little Art, Chota Mota Theatre & Harsukh. Seventeen young and emerging theatre practitioners from 9 countries including Germany, USA, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Montenegro, South Korea, Romania, Philippine and Pakistan participated in this cross-cultural workshop. The residency was held at Institute for Art & Culture (IAC) Lahore and the 17 artists performed three showcase performances on 14th April 2019 during last day of 2nd Tamasha Festival 2019.

The residency program included theatre training, discussion sessions on different topics related to Theater for Young Audience (TYA), workshops, sessions with prominent theatre icons of Pakistan, collaborative performance development, rehearsals and observing different performances of 2nd Tamasha Festival 2019,  and final showcase performances.

The delegates were also given a city tour to explore the history and heritage of Lahore.

During residency workshop, several prominent theatres and performing artists conducted sessions with the participants; including veteran writer and teacher Asghar Nadeem Syed on “Theatre Taboos & Censorship”, Director Ajoka Theatre and prominent writer Shahid Nadeem on “Theatre For Social Change” and prominent theatre director Huma Safdar on “What is your art and how you make it“. Prominent dancer and teacher Bina Jawwad conducted workshop on “Introduction to dance”.

“Art has to make its way, there is no other choice and only theatre has that immense power to talk about that might be forbidden.” Asghar Nadeem Syed

“Life is a play, a dance and we just need love to celebrate life and create art.” Huma Safdar

Three performance showcases by three groups of NG Participants were held on the last day of 2nd Tamasha Festival 2019. A large audience witnessed all three shows. First Show was all about relationships among families and it was ended with Pakistani folk dances from international and local participants. Second performance was about dreams and how you can fulfill them while dealing with all the restrictions from society.  The third performance was about friendship and diversity. All three shows enthralled the audience and got marvelous response.

The Residency Project, despite all hurdles faced was a huge success. There was an open exchange of ideas and reviews, which added to everyone’s knowledge and exposure as here are few statements from the international participants

Hyejin Yun from South Korea shared her emotions like that “I am very happy to feel some emotional link with other participants through N.G program. We have different backgrounds, interests and nationalities but it doesn’t any matter. We made a great performance together in Pakistan and it’s beyond my imagination.”

Marija Backović from Montenegro shared about program Next Generation is one of the best devised programs for artists. The experience was fantastic. Communication with the organizers was excellent from the very beginning.

Judith Claudia Gorgass from Germany said; “I love NGP! When we got the schedule before, I felt this is going to be a tight program – but I can´t wait to join in. So many interesting workshops, from singing to dancing, our rehearsals, games and group discussions with artists from Pakistan. I just loved it”.

The 2nd Next Generation Program is a project of ASSITEJ Pakistan, and was delivered in collaboration with Institute of Art and Culture Lahore. It was supported by the ASSITEJ partners The Little Art, Hursukh, MAAS Foundation and Chota Mota Theater.

2nd Next Generation Program 2019 – Lahore, Pakistan2nd Next Generation Program (8th April to 14th April, 2019) was…

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