We are a national network of artists, performers, arts managers, administrators, educators and students working together to create a vibrant performing arts scene and shape the future of Theater for Young Audience in Pakistan.

Become a member of ASSITEJ Pakistan and be part of happenings and conversations.

By joining ASSITEJ Pakistan, you gain access to a wide range of benefits, including tapping into the performing arts practitioners resource base, collaboration and exchange opportunities, connections with international art scene and range of discounts for our future festivals and events.

Executive Membership
250,000 PKR
Organization or University Membership
20,000 PKR
***All benefits of Organizational Membership, plus the following;
Ability to vote for Executive Committee (EC) Membership electionsSpecial invitation to attend festivals, workshops or seminars conducted by ASSITEJ Pakistan or by its core member organizations
Ability to contest ASSITEJ Pakistan’s Executive Committee (EC) members’ election for any specific designationPriority to the application of performance in festival organised by ASSITEJ Pakistan
Part of the key decision makers of ASSITEJ Pakistan for its strategic guidance and missionSharing of information of international festivals, artistic gatherings, workshops or seminars and priority nominations by ASSITEJ Pakistan (where possible)
Nomination to attend the executive meetings among ASSITEJ National Centers in all over the world to represent ASSITEJ PakistanRight to nominate participants for participation and scholarships in Next Generation – international artist’s residency program in Lahore
One confirmed participant for annual international Next Generation, international artistic residency program in LahoreInvitation to attend annual General meeting of ASSITEJ Pakistan
Can Perform as host with other EC Members to conduct festivals, workshops or seminars on behalf of ASSITEJ PakistanCan submit proposals/suggestions/ideas for theater for young audience and ASSITEJ Pakistan roadmap
Leverage the ASSITEJ Pakistan network for their own organizational events related to TYA (i.e inviting international teams or international trainers, usage of logo of ASSITEJ Pakistan etc)Voting rights for Executive Committee elections of ASSITEJ Pakistan to nominated members
School Membership
10,000 PKR
Individual 2000 PKR
Student 1000 PKR
Priority invites to exclusive workshops/performancesRegular updates of events/workshops/festivals in Pakistan
Collaboration possibility with ASSITEJ Pakistan for your own eventsPriority seats for international exchange programs
Access to the international performing arts community and eventsContacts and networking opportunities for exchanges, skills transfer and development, touring, involvement in projects, collaborations, etc
Listed in national performing arts groups directoryOpportunity to attend/participate in national and international workshops/trainings/productions
Publication of news/events on ASSITEJ Pakistan website and international performing arts newsletter by ASSITEJ InternationalOpportunity to market your skills/talent in local and international performing arts community
Exclusive invites to webinars and national artists gathering for future planningShowcasing opportunities for your productions at one of the ASSITEJ Pakistan showcases, platforms or festivals
Access to resources, including human resources, educational resources, and physical resources, where possibleReduced rates on workshops, theatre productions and other skills-development opportunities
Priority to send your performances at international events/festivalsAccess to resources, including human resources, educational resources, and physical resources, where possible
Discounted tickets to all eventsDiscounted tickets to all ASSITEJ Pakistan events
Regular updates of events/workshops/festivals in Pakistan

Bank Details

ASSITEJ Pakistan Bank Details: (When making payment, please use your organizational name or surname (individual member) as reference.) If you require an invoice, please request it on or +(92) 317 0010 834

Bank:Faysal Bank (any city, any branch)
Account number:0182101900220170
Branch Code:01821
Account Title:ASSITEJ

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