ASSITEJ Pakistan:

ASSITEJ Pakistan – National Centre is a chapter of ASSITEJ International. The organization is a platform for everyone working with or having an interest in performing arts for children and youth. ASSITEJ Pakistan works to spread knowledge of Pakistani performing arts for children and youth by organizing exchanges programs, performances, festivals, workshops and seminars.

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/assitej.pakistan/


  1. To work for the rights of children and young people to artistic experiences especially designed and created for them.
  2. To work for the recognition and acknowledgment of theatre for children and young people.
  3. To work for the improvement of the conditions of theatre for children and young people in Pakistan.
  4. To give people working with theatre for children and young people the opportunity to learn about the work of colleagues from other regions of Pakistan, thus enabling them to enrich theatre for children and young people in their own workplace.


  1. Organization, promotion and support of national, regional, and international performing arts programs, workshops, conferences, festivals, and other activities.
  2. Promotion and support of the exchange of experiences between artists from all countries like Next Generation Programs
  3. Encouragement of circulation and exchange of plays, texts, and other literature pertaining to theatre for children and young people.
  4. Promotion of theatre for children and young people through all media.
  5. Co-operation with other international ASSITEJ National Centers with related interests.

Official Members

The Little Art

The Little Art uses the arts, primarily media, to teach children and young adults to recognize and begin to understand the social issues pervading their immediate community; social issues that prohibit the development of their dreams, ideas and principles. Little Art is changing the way arts are done for kids!’.  The Little Art launched its theatre wing named Tamasha launching theatrical productions for children and young audiences.


tla logo

Chota Mota Theatre

A prominent Theatre Company in Lahore for Children and the youth by Theatre experts Mobeen Ejaz and Sarah Zahid. Chota Mota Theatre is introducing a theatrical program de-signed especially for children in Pakistan basing predominantly on children’s theatrical journeys that they specialize in. Alongside children, the company also seeks to involve young and adult enthusiasts as well as amateur and professional actors, all of who are looking to strengthen their unexplored talents and acting skills through appropriate cours-es offered.


Maas Foundation

Maas Foundation is working in the theatre field from 2003 with a tag line of awareness through theatre. From 2014 onwards it started theatre for children and young audience. It is main stream organization based at Lahore working in theatre production, conducting the-atre workshops for TYA and its main focus is to working closely with schools.


Harsukh is a community of artists, thinkers and organic farmers which is promoting an alternative view of life that is deeply rooted in our culture.